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Neil Burton

Our motto at Kidsline® - 'it helps to talk' certainly rings true for thousands of young New Zealanders who've called us since we began answering our phones nearly fourteen years ago.

As part of growing up, children aged between 9 and 13 inevitably encounter a variety of challenges or difficulties. Sometimes, however, a problem can appear so overwhelming that it's hard to see a way through the situation, or know who to turn to for help. At Kidsline® we recognise that children may experience difficulty talking to adults about their problems, so we offer a unique telephone support service where callers speak to a 'buddy'.

Buddies are specially trained 6th and 7th formers who 'speak the same language' and respond like a 'big brother or sister' in a mentoring capacity.

Talking to a Kidsline buddy reinforces the fact that difficulties and pains do not need to be faced in isolation. Kidsline® aims to reduce the level of discomfort and pain that children experience by listening, empathising, resourcing, encouraging, and supporting the callers in the hope that he or she will be sufficiently empowered to make healthy changes from their undesirable situation.

At present we have over 100 Kidsline® buddies based at two centres in Auckland and Christchurch. The training received by buddies includes self-awareness, information on social and mental health issues, basic psychological theories and principles, appropriate therapeutic techniques and adaptive life skills. With training in these areas, buddies increase their emotional and social competence and grow in their abilities to address their own issues and make positive changes in themselves. Kidsline® buddies become resources for their families, friends, schools and communities.

Kidsline is part of the Lifeline family of services. It is a model that has evolved through years of community involvement. Kidsline is a well respected service that is promoted by the New Zealand Police Education officers in schools throughout New Zealand.

A large number of primary and intermediate schools throughout New Zealand help increase the awareness of Kidsline® to their pupils by participating in our annual poster competition. This is held in Term 2. Entering the competition stimulates discussion among children of the issues that many of them face. To assist with related class activities, Kidsline® has a number of resources available to schools, including, videos, posters, leaflets and bookmarks. We hope these materials inform and encourage children to seek help when they need it because - 'it helps to talk'.

Please let the children in your class know that Kidsline® is available to them each school day from 4-6pm on 0800 KIDSLINE. (With the option to speak to an adult counsellor outside these hours - that's a 24 hour service for our New Zealand kids).

The winning poster from last year is included with this copy of Good Teacher. Please put this on your wall. If you require extra copies they are available by contacting Kidsline main office in Auckland or your local Paper Plus store.

KIDSLINE Poster Competition: To help us with the distribution of poster entry forms which are couriered to all schools, please fax us with the name of your school, number of pupils in years 5 - 8 (9 - 12 year olds) and a coordinator’s name, fax 09 524 3092.

Please contact: Neil Burton, Kidsline® Manager

Phone: 09 524 3080, Fax: 09 524 3092,