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latest Good Teacher articles
updated March 13, 2002
SOAPBOX: Lester Flockton asks: Who is the Good Teacher?

Custodian, pedagogue, paper pusher, baby minder, all things to all people? As the teaching population gets older, and as, all over the world, many young teachers leave three or so years into their teaching careers we need to ask this question…

Martin Burgoyne: Is Kiwi grass greener?

Some of Michael Burgoyne’s observations about education in NZ may come as a surprise, but there’s nothing like seeing the world through another pair of glasses to get one to reconsider the positives and re-focus the negative.

Gwen Gawith: Re-defining research for NCEA

NCEA presents a great opportunity to ask what exactly we mean by research, how do we teach it, and how well have we been doing? Is re-packaged information research?

The great Opoho possum hunt...

... is living proof that research is much more than re-packaging information. Even at primary school, it can be original, rigorous, relevant and utterly cool as far as the kids are concerns. This is an inspiring account of the research project on urban possum density done by a Year 4/5 class at Opoho School in Dunedin, closely guided by their teacher, Mina Crooks, and Dr Henrik Moller of the University of Otago. If you read nothing else all year read this!.

Neil Burton: Kidsline

Kidsline need your help to spread the word about their primary poster competition. This is a wonderful service with an 0800 number available to children anywhere in NZ 4-6pm each day. Read more…

If you haven't heard about it yet, you'd better get up to speed pronto! One of the biggest ICT initiatives to be launched in NZ…

Thinking digital readers

At last a program which helps readers by asking metacognitive questions. But apart from the article in the Harvard Education Review no one seems to know about it or whether it's in NZ yet. Anyone out there with more info?

Jennie McRobbie: Diary of a NEMP marker

If you haven't worked out why NEMP is an annual addiction for many teacher administrators and markers, here's why!

Steve May: The problem with literacy

Maybe the problem is with illiteracy, but Steve May weighs into the L debate with some interesting expansions of the idea that "literacy is about much more than just reading and writing." Essential reading…

Alan Cooper: Learning Styles Institute in New York

Alan's brief description of a master teacher in action shows how a carefully orchestrated combination of approaches extends the learner's experience and builds a richer learning repertoire.

John Hellner: LAST WORD: We can all be leaders

John gets stuck into the A word (no, not silly Auckland = A) but ATTITUDE. He's not talking about the stupid sort of branding driven by pretentious ad agencies, but what drives good teachers. He asserts that "Our attitude is the only thing in life we can unequivocally control." Do you agree? Read and find out...